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  1. While browsing for hardware, I saw the following:

    For those who need speed and backup, this router blends dsl/cable/T1, and if one of the services goes down, the other kicks in.

    Sound great! Fast, and gives redundancy for those who cannot afford to go down if their dsl/cable/T1 goes out temporarily:


    I saw it priced at $349.00 at PC Mall

    If anyone tries out this product, please post the results on this thread...I would be interested in hearing your experiences.
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    Can't you do the same thing by installing an additional ethernet card and simply plugging both services?

  3. No. The unit in question automatically balances load between multiple WAN connections. If one goes out, you would never even notice it. I was going to do just this, but I'm concerned about having another piece of hardware in series that could, itself fail. When you think about it, many of us have multi-thousand dollar computer, and they are plugged into $50 routers and 5$ ethernet cables. Something to think about.

    I've got DSL and cable. Cable is the faster connection which I normally use. If that should go down, all I have to do is unplug the ethernet cable from the cable modem and move it to the DSL modem. Only takes a second and doesn't take any additional hardware.
  4. I wonder how much of a speed improvement you would see with their router?

    If you are paying for two high speed services, and not using one, having it only for backup, this device might be worth it if you are in need of speed an/or sharing the interent with others in a workgroup environment.

    At $350.00 it doesn't see that great a price to me for an automated internet backup connection.

    Yes, it is easy to unplug the cable modem, then plug in the dsl, but it may require a reboot of the computer.

    Imagine being in the middle of a trade, and your cable modem goes down....the minutes you lose while re-establishing tyour connection might just be much more than the cost of their the dual router.
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    I have both dsl and cable. I have 2 ethernet cards in installed in my computer, whenever cable goes out (which is often lately), my dsl kicks in. The process takes about 2 seconds, I do not have to reboot. Usually if I see my cable is starting to lose packets, I disable it, and the connection resumes from dsl. I am sure though that both connections do not give me more speed.

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  7. I have this router. I have cable and dsl. My cable speed is about 3 mbs and my dsl is about 650 kbs. Therefore on my main computer I use the cable as primary and dsl for backup. Because the cable is so much faster the load balancing does not improve my speeds.

    Also if you do load balancing, some programs don't behave properly. For example aol instant messenger will log you off and restart every few minutes. Same happens with my AT financial.

    The automatic failover works real well. If the cable goes down the dsl kicks in in about 10 seconds or less.

    I bind my second computer to the dsl because I us it for less important things like web surfing, chat rooms, etc.

    Overall for the price I am happy with the router.
  8. You can do it with Win2K NT Server.