Twenty-Forty ES Trades/Day with SCT?

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  1. OK, Jack, ah'm 'a serrusly plannin' on thinkin' about fixin' ta git reddy ta mebbe start hornin' in on yer ES turf. I am unprofitable in NQ, so why not trade ES as well? So I have tuned some of my analytical tools for ES, and I am rarin' to go git me those 20-40 trades a day. So here is my challenge. At the end of a really great day, you tell me how many allus-in round trips you would have had if you had traded. It's OK to have one of your horde of minions do it for you. And I'll use my analytical tool to tell you the cumulative profit with unreasonable assumptions I would have had if I had traded the same number of round trips using my 40 SLOC version of SCT Lite. For example, if your crayola opined 30 trades last Friday, my computer says that was -14.75 ES points before sloppage and omissions. End of day chart snapshot attached so you'll know I'm not foolin', at least about the code. But be keerful to pick a good mignon to do the work. I think my character improvement program will qualify me to make money trading SCT. I quit drinking, am saying my prayers, and am earnestly performing the community service mandated by the court. An ah guv up loose wimmen far tight.
  2. The city streets have never looked so clean
    and everyone appreciates having the park benches free to enjoy once again.

    I seriously think you have a great thread topic started here
    and look forward to it . Still surprised by the jump to ES. Thanks for the chart.
  3. Thanks. I do so sincerely want to be rich. And 20-40 round turns in ES every day surely will do it, no matter what the mullable of the range. I had not planned to explore ES until I evolved systems that do not have to be tuned for the instrument traded. That and the fact that my trades are so oblivious on NQ T&S. When you see those spurtingly orgasmic 120 contract trades, that's me. On ES, that's not even the tickle before the orgasm. So the codes are ready and waiting for Jack's big day. But perhaps we should get the groundrules for sloppage and omissions established. In NQ I experience one-half tick average sloppage per trade, and my vile greedy broker charges me a buck vigorish one way.
  4. In semi-almost-partially-full disclosure, my SCT-Lite does not use volume. I will adapt its paramourameters to get the number of turns Jackie's boite of Crayolas dicktated. We will leave no turn unstoned.
  5. Please consider what that will do to ET Al.
    If you get rich you won't have time to post leaving the rest of us
    poor penniless wanderers with nothing to read.
  6. Hey! ...Watch it!
    ES ☺

  7. That is not the least of the worst of it. If my 40 SLOC code in the hands of an unworthy reprobate idiot can match what years of mentoring and character building by the master achieves, then I will become the new darling of ET, with my mentwhoring sought by sundry and all. I will be dispensing Everclear recipes to achieve the approriate levels of insobriety, matching porn sites to accolytes, and opining on the least socially constructive ways to spend your ill-begotten gains. ET will become a rough slough of trading- and alcohol-fueled disspation. You can pronounce that happy place roff sloff or ruff sluff, depending upon what your native langauage be.
  8. A sly side effect of my dervious challenge will be to prove what I already know analytically: NQ is a better vehicle to trade than ES. Specifically, that SCT loses less money trading NQ than ES.
  9. Al and his many friends that are in cahoots are good contributors.
    He gets decent threads on jh method started and sometimes, somehow, something of value emerges.
    I do wish Al tremendous success, wealth, and health. Same to you ES and a prosperous Happy
    New Year to you.
  10. I fear the younger generation doth forget that only the Fool could speak bare truth to the King. And I assure you, Tiki, that I never show a chart unless it has a place, however deguise here, on my screen. But I do decry that none that I recall has caught the significunce of my username. An ulliterate generation, to be sure. History and the classics have a place in trading, for traders have always been with us.
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