Tweaking windows XP to get the most out of your trading software....

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    When I first started using a platform called NeoTicker, I noticed that it would take a lot of resources and use a lot of CPU processing after having only a few charts opened. There would be all kinds of conflicts with the OpenEcry OEC trader platform as well. Then NT admin sent me over to this thread:

    I actually noticed a significant increase in performance after making the suggested modifications. OEC trader and NT can run together with almost no problems. I feel more confident in actually trading with NT.

    I figured that the tweaks offered in that article is just the tip of the iceberg. I was wondering what you guys were doing to get the most out of your windows operating systems? Particularly for running your different trading applications.

    Personally, I plan on using either NT or Multicharts for charting. Or maybe SierraChart. And the OEC ladder for trading.

    Please advise.

    My system is a P4 3.0 ghz, 2.0 gig ram, 128mb dual out nvidia video card. 4 screen stretch display.
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    SierraChart hardly use any resource.
  3. Lots of good DIY ideas for XP here.

    For Vista or MCE follow the link at the top.
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    If you have two hard drives put your swap file on the one that does not have the operating system, OS usually on C: so put the swapfile on the D: drive and make it large and fixed in size. Saves overhead from working between the swap file and the ram. Max out your ram and do the above, it helps to avoid that 100% CPU situation if you have resource hogging software.
  5. I appreciate the link, but I am not going to risk it. I have tried a number of tweaks and registry fixing programs over the last year, most of the fine, but a couple of times I had major problems.

    Right now I am running RM clock, over clock on my new Dell AMD dual core and it's fine for the last 2 months. It optimizes the AMD cool and quiet dual core processors. If the temp. gets to hot I will take it off. I think honestly though it isn't necessary. Especially with the cost of computers being dirt cheap now.

    Consider doing what I did. Get 1 computer for charting and 1 for your DOM, and also 1 for your personal computing needs. Now I just need to get myself a decent KVM switch to control both CPU's.

    Unless you are running complicated excel spreed sheets for trading this should do fine. Otherwise get yourself a server grade PC with the Intel Xeon chips, someone posted an Ebay auction for less than 1k.
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    KVM's could really mess up video in the days of analog monitors but with digital feed monitors should be a good thing. Many recommend a separate computer for trading and claim that they never, ever, get a virus on the dedicated compuer.
  7. I am not going to use the video of the KVM, but thanks.
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    More than likely because they have a firewall setup and they never use the computer for anything else other than trading and perhaps surfing trusted news sites.
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    I just installed a 64 X2 4200. I was thinking about trying some overclocking for the first time. Does RMClock automatically oc for you, or does it just monitor your oc'd system?

  10. You have to set the oc manually. I read an article, search google for RM clock, by a knowledgable guy, sorry I don't have it any more, and he tested RM clock and suggested level 5 out of 7, as it kept it run cool enough, but gave enough boost without having the loud fan kick on.
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