TW (Taiwan) Live Trades on SGX

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  1. I never traded asia before. I am now looking at SGX TW (Taiwan Index traded on Singapore?). It is now at 327. I want to place a trade but since I never traded it before, I wanted to know what others think and what their experience is.

    My trade would be to short it now at 327 to cover in the area of 317. Any info? I do not plan to trade it, but it is a simulated trade.
  2. Underlying code on IB is STW. Contract: June 08. So code is TWJ08 or STWJ08.
  3. I trade it every day. Why were you shorting 327 (presumably 327.0)?

    It hasnt traded at 327.0 for a while ... was that a proposed breakdown point?
  4. When I added the thread it is 326.90 by 327.10. I never traded it. My sense is that maybe asian people do not trade it with charts, but maybe I am wrong. Right now it: 325.60/325.90
  5. First lesson in STW

    Its like HSI and rolls over every month. Current contract is March -- you'll like the volume much better on March :)

    Rollover is on the day before the last business day of the month (just start on April on the morning of the day before the last busday).

    Its usd10 per contract per 0.1 pt move.
  6. According to my analysis, when I posted the market should be at top of day. I was thinking to short it and cover in the area of 320 to 317. What is the value of this in dollars for a 10 point move?
  7. I do not know why I did not see March. I saw March 09, so I have missed March 08. I will check it. But the point is that I was thinking it was at a top for the day.

    What do you think?
  8. Pull up March and tell me what u saw there ... June isn't doing anything for me too thin.

    its usd10 per 0.1 point move
  9. Kiwi:

    I just located the March contract. I am a real beginner in this contract. I want to watch its behavior. It is contract TWH08. Am I right. Current market on it is: 327.90/328.
  10. Yes, correct about contract 328.1 last price

    Just looked back because i got such rubbish data for june ... june is M not J ...
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