tv shows that should expire the end of 2010

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    here's my list:

    hollywood insider
    jerry springer
    chelsea handler show
    joy beher show
    dancing with the stars

    there's probable a whole lot of other shows i can think of but these by far are the worst

    what i hate about watching tv is, how come they all go on commercial at the same freaking time...duh!

    is it the same advertising company that is creating all these commercials? i think in order for these commercials to be aired by the networks, they have to have a liberal bent to them
  2. Piffle


    I love how people bitch about TV, then spend a ton of time watching it anyway.

    Turn off the fucking TV and do something with all that extra time that doesn't rot your brain.
  3. Kardashians

    Real housewives

    The View
  4. CNN and MTV are channels, not shows ;-)
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    Jeez, Hulu has some great stuff buried in the archives there.. I just watched "Outer Space Astronauts" and am wishing they were still producing it, it's hilarious... White Collar, Burn Notice, Stargate Universe, that is enough tv for my week typically.. they are all equivalent to reading a comic book maybe but at least they are entertaining... everything mentioned so far in this thread is not something I watch at all...

    I've gone for many years with no tv in the house at times, never missed it for a minute...
  6. i dont watch that any of that garbage

    one of the best shows on tv is Pawn Stars
  7. I don't have any problems with waterboarding terrorists, but I draw the line at forcing them to watch The View.
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    i thoroughly enjoyed your comment :)
  9. You too? LOL.

    You ever listen closely? They have like, 30 employees. I wonder how much working capital they have? I just don't understand why people would take some historical artifact to them. Why not call Sotheby's?

    Lastly, I have nightmares about using the bathroom after Big Hoss and Chumley. I'd give chum his own port a potty in the the parking lot.
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