TV Show: Million Dollar Traders

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Businessman, Jan 13, 2009.

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    whats a good proxy? to use to view UK crap
  2. Yes watched it.

    Comedy gold watching the old guy go long B&B, and then buy instead of sell his RSA shares.

    Will definately watch the following episodes.
  3. Ditto.. anyone know how to watch this if you are not based in the UK??
  4. Yea 'shit for brains', calling him that was pretty harsh.. I think every novice trader has made that mistake atleast once, although he wasnt day trading and so there should have been alot less stress on him screwing up his orders.
  5. how do we watch this from outside uk?
  6. Also the editing was good.

    The girl is so terrified of making v small, meaningless trades, on non-volatile blue-chips, with someone else's money for a game show that I am surprised she ever steps out of her front door.

    She claimed to thrive on pressure etc, but she is an ex-vet who now works for daddy.

    How much f*cking pressure can she be under??
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    there's already a torrent on a private site; likely to go public soon.

    (edit: also, isn't there a site that lets you watch tv programs from around the world? i know bbc has their block if you're not in the uk...)
  8. I'm surprised that a major media outlet in the technology age would only provide content to a select few. Eventually someone is going to post it and the BBC won't benefit it all by the traffic..

    Thats the problem with clueless old farts who are in control..
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