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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Joab, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. Joab


    Can anyone tell me WHY tv news shows like CNBC and CNN do not report key economic news releases ON TIME as they are released, there is always a delay. :confused:

    Is it just me or does anyone else find this nutz ???

    I thought breaking news is what news shows are all about LOL
  2. 1. because they know nothing about financial products and markets. their knowledge is very limited

    2. they always cut to adverts in the midst of important meetings like the ecb meeting. (cnbc at every ecb meeeting cuts 20 minutes into it for adverts and stock updates - utterly useless )

    3. they are obsessed with stocks and the promotion of stock purchasing.

    4. they just do not understand that traders are trying to trade through the numbers and on the numbers. ( cnbc the other week when the fed minutes came out did not report it in london time for 10 minutes due to an interview with some prick of a ceo they regularly interview )
  3. ryank


    I watch Bloomberg TV online and they are pretty much right on time (although sometimes there is a few second delay which I'm sure is due to the internet connection). If you watch the futures you can tell exactly when they come out.
  4. Joab


    I agree Blommie is the best but still you think that these so called Business NEWS professionals would get there act together.

    I'm just shocked more people don't complain to them about this.
  5. just21


    Bloomberg is free to air in Europe, point your satellite to Sky/Astra. It is about five seconds ahead of the internet.
  6. SteveD


    If you are talking about a 5/10 second delay??????

    CNBC reads the data off of the screen along with everyone Rick Santelli hold his binoculars and read the data as it is released....

    You must understand that the financial press is aimed at investors that actually own stocks......

    It is not aimed at "traders" that "trade" derivatives, options, etc etc....that is basically is a relatively very small part of the financial world.....

    But, hey, good luck to you......

  7. Trading companies measure news release times in milliseconds with direct feeds and auto execution programs, you'll never come close watching it on TV
  8. Except every piece of garbage is "breaking news", "exclusive" or "CNBC Alert" these days... :D
  9. Joab


    What are you saying, that the media especially CNBC owned by GE (a Fortune 500 company) can't afford the same tools.?
  10. What I'm saying Joab is that trading companies place servers near newswire servers that have programs that read the raw feeds and fire orders before you, I and anyone watching CNBC can even blink
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