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    Hello, first time here. I was searching Google for tutorials/info/threads on getting trading ideas (that is, a directional bias) based on price. The context of my question comes after having read both books on Jesse Livermore and how he constantly says he trades based on paying attention and getting familiar with price itself. But he doesn't expand much on that. In one of the books, there is a mention that he has staff writing numbers and special symbols on the boards based on tape numbers. But there is no clue/hint as to what those symbols are or what they mean. The only thing we are told is that it has something to do with pure price and volume. I was hoping someone might have more insight into this - perhaps there is a modern term for this?
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    Both Livermore and Wyckoff used a form of point&figure in their charting. When used intraday, it served chiefly as a kind of shorthand that enabled them to keep track of who was doing what and how this changed the status of price, particularly swing highs and lows. Without it, one had to rely on memory or stacks of notes when tape reading.

    You may be interested in this thread, particularly the tick charts.
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    Thanks, I am reading through that thread now.

    I thought Livermore did not use charts?
  4. if your interested in order flow tutorials the best i have come across to date is jigsaw tradings tutorials and its free.
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    Well, I often read very interesting exerpts from similar literature. Meaning, the most important things.
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    Thanks, the videos seem to be easy to follow. I will go through them and see what it is about.