TurtleTrader.com experiences?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by vikesfan, Jan 7, 2003.

  1. vikesfan


    Does anybody have anything good or bad to say about this educational program? I'm aware of the story behind the turtles. Does this website do a good job teaching the methodology?

    Thanks for your thoughts.
  2. No keep your money in your wallet!! There are some good things in the course but $1000 is much too expensive for some money management techniques.
  3. okwon


    A friend of mine gave me the course. It's actually a bunch of xeroxed paper thats been put together like a book. The main point just discusses the importance of money management without giving any specifics. Im my opinion, it's worth about $5 max.
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    No,the free website will not give you the methodology free. I read it about 4 times a month ; might pick up some helpful hints with discretion.:cool: The interview screen questions are more specific than one might figure.
  5. Southpaw


    I purchased the course for $1000 in 2000. At that point in time, I had just lost 90% of my investment account. (over leveraged with long only positions during the bubble years w/o an exit strategy).

    What I learned from the material is the importance of position sizing. For me it was worth it at the time. I have been profitable ever since. However, now that I know more and have read many other books, I think you'd be better off investing in Van K. Tharp's book "Trading your way to Financial Freedom". He talks about psychology and position sizing in the book. Much cheaper than the Turtle course.
  6. They're a churn under a name called Turtle trading method.

    Seriously, I bought their material. I bought Russell Sands' material. I can see how they try so hard to put Russell Sands' in a bad position. I really believe that Russell Sands' material is worth the money than Turtle trading.com.

    I would have saved money if I bought Van Tharp's material. His book noted above is great for the price but his courses are invaluable if you are serious about trading. I actually have all the courses he sells. They are all worth the money....

    Pricey for a few but more than worth the money....
  7. vikesfan


    Thanks for the replies. Sounds like the consensus is to read Van Tharp's book and save some money. I will do that. THANKS AGAIN for your thoughts.
  8. Well, they're not the exact Turtle system(got extra rules, which will help perform better, also without some other one like FS)... I guess some can't figure out the difference between Turtle "Trading" and Turtle "System"...

    Only a few recognize this fact, regardless of how open the system is...

    Sad my friend sad...