Turtle trading

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  1. yes, im just telling you it has nothing to do with ma's..but your right, its simple with some genius parts as well.
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  2. The reason I replied is that the whole idea of system trading opened my eyes up to what is possible out there. These guys were pioneers in their field like Wycoff and Dow. I believe in trends, that is two ticks in a direction. The anti trend, I still don't understand what that is, high frequency trading etc.
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    I believe a lot of traders (or trader wannabees) miss the point of the Turtle story by focusing on the rules of the system. Admittedly it is a solid system with innovative risk control that has held up amazingly well over the years. But the more interesting part of the story is what it has to tell us about how one can become a successful trader, especially if one doesn't have the opportunity the Turtles had. What parts of the program contributed the most to the students' success? What parts can we skip? If the program were repeated today, how would it be different? The real value is in studying the story not the trading rules.

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