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    Came across this term that somebody made millions and
    just wondering what is turtle trading system.

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    Thanks for the links. But before buying those books, want to know if anybody use that system and is it worth to learn it.
  4. Well, some turtles took the system and made millions, others failed miserably. Which one are you? Only you have the answer.
  5. You can find the original rules for free if you look or pay someone else for their version. Tons of threads about this, use the search in the upper right hand corner. You may want to read "trend following delusion shattered" thread first. Do not pay for the original turtle rules and beware of trend following snake oil salesman. Homework; what constitutes a complete trading system?
  6. The original rules were a modified version of an older breakout system. See Richard Donchian, commodities corp, Schabacker, etc.
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    Thanks kinggyppo.
  8. The turtle method is described in this months issue of trader

    monthly. Its really nothing more than a MA crossover method

    with a long term view if I remember correctly.
  9. i traded for the top turtle for 3 yrs....its is an extremely good system if you have the discipline to follow it. it is NOT a ma crossover. i know its every detail and the difference between the superstar turtles and the failures is discipline and business savvy. jerry parker has both in large quantity.

    the 'trend following delusion' guys have made zero, jerry parker hundreds of millions...you decide.

    the guys selling those books are not the ones who are using the system to manage 1.4 bil - do you really want to learn the concepts from them?

    pm me with any questions
  10. That was my point to the OP (opening poster), that if he can get the turtle rules and understand them as a system then you are going somewhere. It says in the free rules that it is a complete system. Example, go long the dow when it closes above the 50 day moving avereage, hedge or sell on a close below it. Simple system and over the long haul profitable enough. I think the genius part is position sizing, scaling, etc.
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