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  1. Your Trading Coach has worked as a investment advisor, futures broker for Refco, professional trader, trading coach, quantitative analyst for trading firms and as a local at the Chicago Board of Trade futures pits.

    Several methods of trading and investing had been failures. Our media and pundits tend to spew false information about finance and trading. Our mission and goal is to educate and disperse the myths and misinformation surrounding Wall Street and trading. A consistent trading strategy is teachable. Very few people actually have a good strategy and fewer still are willing to teach it.
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    I hope no virus this time...

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    This guy has been spaming this ad to every message board and mailing list having anything to do with trading.

    Here is Russell Sands response:

    -----Original Message-----
    Dear Mr. Nagy :

    You are obviously free to teach and sell whatever you like, you are also free to call it whatever you like, and you are even free to criticize others and their materials, but there are certain things that you legally just cannot do.

    I have checked my database and cannot find your name anywhere, or that you have ever ordered any product or taken any of my courses. This makes a lot of sense to me, or else why would you now want to order my book the $200 Turtle Secrets' course. If this is the case, then you cannot tell people that you "took Russell Sands course", as that is plain and simply false

    On the other hand, if you did take my course, you would know that on the last page of the manual there is a copyright clause, that says in part, "Yes I want to learn the Turtle System from Russell Sands, just as he learned it. I agree not to divulge any of the system to anyone else without your written permission." So, if you took the course from me, you are now in violation of that agreement. Whether or not you think it is fair, or whether or not others have done it in the past, it still remains a legally valid agreement between you and me.

    Of course, since I cannot (so far) find a signed copy of this form in my records, I am back to the first point above, that you never took the course, and are lying to people on your website when you say you did. Or else, maybe you did indeed take my course, but not from me, you got a pirated copy from somebody else. In which case you are back to being an accessory to the copyright infringement of the second scenario above.

    You are, of course, entitled to your opinion if you think my course is overpriced, or just plain no longer works any more, but if you did not take my course, then you cannot criticize what you do not know. Lots of people think they know the Turtle system when in fact they only know parts of it, and cannot put the whole thing together. And just in case you are interested, the computer models are up close to 100% this year, and every Turtle that is a CTA and still managing public money is having a banner year

    Look, I don't care that you try to make a few bucks giving away your knowledge, but you must do it within the bounds of legality. I have no doubt that you are an experienced commodity trader, maybe even a highly profitable one, and maybe your information is a bargain at whatever price you choose to offer it. You can call it the Nagy Wonder System if you like, but you just cannot represent that it is the Turtle system, because either you never took my course from me and thus don't really know the whole Turtle system, or if you did take my course from me then you are contractually bound not to reveal it. It's gotta be one of the other.

    I don't want to cause you problems, but I will legally protect my interests and my contracts, both thru complaints to the appropriate regulatory agencies, and/or private litigation if I have to. I can assure you, turtletrader.com has made a lot of enemies in this industry, and they are not going to be around much longer. Don't let that same thing happen to you This is not a threat, just some sincere friendly advice.

    Russell Sands
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    I'm not a big fan of Sands myself, but I'm a lesser fan of spam.
  5. At least, Russell Sands sells the only legitimate Turtle System...
  6. The system is a 'hand me' down from Richard Dennis.
    For years they tried to mystify it and keep it in the closet like the holly grail. I have learned the system, have done some extensive research, backtesting and made my very own conclusions. Who can say that I am not a person to popularize and cut through the BS in regards of the turtle system? At least I am not selling my system for $200 and reveal nothing to hold out for the $2500 seminar!
  7. Please keep in mind the purpose of the classifieds forum:

    "Buy, sell or trade used books, videos, CDs, software, etc. For individual traders only. No commercial vendors!"

    Please contact Baron to discuss advertising so you can post your system here.

    I deleted the link to your website, but have left the rest of this thread intact for now.


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    You may want to look at this site. I have nothing to do with it, but it does contain some interesting material.

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