Turtle Trading System??

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by sizetrade, Jul 23, 2002.

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  1. Has anyone purchased/tested this system? If so, is it worth the $1000? I'm a newbie and I want to learn more about trading and just ran into this site. From the site, I'm pretty tempted to purchase this system, however, I would like any feedback from more experienced traders. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Quiet1


    don't do it, ever.

    goto the website www.traderclub.com

    ignore ALL of the systems for sale

    and read everything in the Forum. There will be plenty of Turtle like systems for free.

    Read everything written by Mark Johnson.
  3. Quiet1,

    Thanks for your posting. I'll check out the site.
  4. Andre


    Do you have a link for this "turtle traders system"?

    Jack Schwager included a brief section on "The Silence of the Turtles" in one of his Market Wizards books, and it revealed nothing. We interviewed Curtis Faith (one of the turtle traders)... and while it was an average interview, it didn't say squat about the "program".

    Richard Dennis and William Eckhardt had their traders sign pretty strict agreements not to reveal the process. And they're all pretty tight lipped. So if the Turtle Trading System is supposed to be something along the lines of the mythical program that Dennis and Eckhardt created -unless their names are on it- I'm skeptical right off the bat.
  5. Both are good reads + study:cool

    Do you study most or all of the books recommended [here] click'' books''

    Cick and study[elite trader .com] especially ''deeman'',''seanote''...

    Based on price action ,study these first ! It is NOT easy.

    ''Names are important''-Solomon Cohen-Gazelle Fund
  6. I don't think you'll get any insights because they all sign a non-disclosure agreement.

  7. www.turtletrader.com
  8. Russell Sands was one of the turtles who came public, the non disclosure only lasted a few years, he sold a course for about 2000, that included i think 16 video tapes and the original turtle manual that the turtles learned from. I bought it back in 96 and it was my first introduction into trading after reading about traders in Schwagers books
  9. Babak


    spill the beans! :)
  10. the prophe,

    was it worth the money?
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