Turtle Trading System

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  2. If you are extremely wealthy and/or you have another source of income, have some fun with it. But, if you need to or want to grind out money each day or week, it won't happen with the Turtle System. (just my opinion)
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    IIRC the Turtle system is a long term trend following system that gets in and out with a breakout trigger. (Something like "buy if the close is higher than the close of the last 14 days".)

    Like Gotta_trade says, long term trend following is a profitable strategy (witness Aberration's well documented success), but it has large and lengthy drawdowns.

    There are many CTA's, managed futures funds, and system-following brokers that could execute a long term trend following system for you, if you like.
  4. must have been discussed before on elite at sometime
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    Thanks guys!
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    This maybe be of interest, from the turtletrader:

    The Winners and Losers of the Zero-Sum Game:

    The Origins of Trading Profits,

    Price Efficiency and Market Liquidity


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