Turtle Traders?

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  1. Hey,

    Whats the deal with these so called turtle traders, is this true what richard dennis did back in the 80's?

    And can we apply these methods in todays markets? where can we learn more on their strategies?

    can anyone recommend a good mentor?

  2. thanks...:D
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  4. I am just curious about the way they learned and how they did
    in their trading.
  5. There is a forum called turtletradingsoftware.com run by an ex turtle - if you do some searches you can find some of his anecdotes in terms of the early days with dennis. It is priceless in my opinion as a historical account for the myth it has evolved to be.
  6. I do not remember the name of the site, but I have downloaded, a while ago, the turtles rules, free of charge. Do some research on the internet.
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    Check out Jack Schwager's book Market Wizards.
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    Sir investalot

    Its true about Rich Dennis;
    could try directory assistance in Chicago , or the following.

    Observing the market a lot ,
    taking lots of notes, printing -studying charts a lot helps ;
    in addition to all the links a lot in this forum,
    another turtle in Bulls Bears & Millionaires, by Robert Koppel:cool: Study a lot, sir investalot.
  9. Why would you want to do this?
    We already got Jack (alias: Hershey, Grob, ...) at ET's.
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