Turtle System

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Brandonf, May 2, 2003.

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    Good read, especially the part about ppl trying to scam off the Turtle's reputation.

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    I've been backtesting this against a selection of products (20 years). It does very well for some and very poorly for others. But what I do like is the money management, as there's very little chance of 100% loss and a fair chance of big returns.

    When I've finished my research I may start trading it. The way I envisage doing this would be climbing out of bed at 6am, calculating the limits, stops etc... and then placing these orders with my broker. I would not make any modifications during the day, and would hopefully have the discipline to not even check prices more than once or twice during business hours. Has anyone tried doing this before/had any success with it? Would my broker get pissed off with me for placing several stops and limits a day (most of which won't get triggered)?


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