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  1. J-S


    Hi everyone. I've got Tradestation 2000i and would like to programe the Turtles system in. I'm just learning the ropes with tradestation, and I am pondering how I will get the system in there.

    Is it best to use easy language for this purpose? What's the best way to learn how to use it? Are there books or online resources? Has anone successfully got the Turtle system into Tradestation? Is it possible?

    Thanks for any help

  2. Go to this page:


    Under title search key in "turtle" and you will find 4 systems related to turtle trading. There might be more but they just might not be called ..... Turtle ....! Its not in TS code but it is for free on the website and you can do your testing and programming for free on this site. You can also test a full portfolio.

    May be it helps you on your road to a good system....

  3. Kymar


    I'm a do-it-yourselfer, so learned EL through a combination of the following:

    1) studying books like ASK MR. EL (good info, prgramming techniques, lousy attitude IMO) and USING EL 2000 (lots of useful tips and methods);

    2) studying THE EL REFERENCE GUIDE (available on-line for free);

    3) studying code in TA of STOCKS AND COMM.s magazine and in add-on disks, some sold to accompany texts like STREET SMARTS (some very good, practical code there);

    4) studying the code that came with the package;

    5) tons of trial and error.

    There are also various educational courses being offered through Tradestation directly, though I've never tried any.

    If you don't have experience in and/or a knack for programming, not to mention time and interest, you might be better off hiring someone to create and possibly implement a custom application for you. I would think that the Turtles themselves have more than one version of their system(s) already written for TS. Other providers can be found at Tradestationzone.com.
  4. Speaking of which Kymar, thank you for your help. You are always a source of competence and reliable information. By the way, that reference guide is available in booklet form, about 120 pages. TS sent it to me when I signed up.

  5. Volker,

    Thanks for that input. I reviewed the code for the Turtle stuff an found it very interesting.

    The most interesting thing I noticed was the use of 19 and 39 day ma's. I have used these numbers in my long term MACD view, and they powerful. They really smooth out the spikes. Since the turtle philosophy is longer term based, it doesn't surprise me to find these numbers in play.

    I also think the use of the 30 day ma is interesting. I remember when that was a very popular average to use, but it was about 15-20 years ago. Seems like that was the time the turtles came into being. I don't use the 30 anymore, and I have read recently that the turtle method has not fared so well. I wonder how the method would do if 30 were changed to the very common 40 or 50?

    Just a thought.
  6. Shankar


    As far as I remember from reading the turtle page, the turtle system is stressing out money management of the portfolio. TS is not able to do so, WL is able to do exactly that. If you don't make use of it, then the turtle system will do you no good. Backtesting and the results have a lot to do with the ability of the software.
    Just like Kymar, so did I learn programming in EL, after I switched to WL I learned so much faster, why?
    A very helpful forum and many very good systems that came with the software ( I think over 400).

  7. Kymar


    Well, that's not really accurate - though you'd need either to write your own apps or buy the pricey RINA systems add-ons.

    Makes no difference to me though one way or the other, as I've done a lot of system-trading study and experimentation, and finally decided it wasn't for me, at least at this time and probably for a good long while.
  8. J-S


    That is a massive help. I'm using the system sold via www.turtletrader.com - It seems an excellent system, and I am looking forward to getting it in Tradestation.

    Kymar - I found 'Ask Mr Easy Language' on Global Investor. I'd also like to get 'Using Easy Language 2000' - I wonder whether this is the version that you mentioned in your post ? -


    Thanks again for all your help it's really appreciated.

  9. ChrisM


    J-S, I got it. Email Your email to my e: efpol@hotmail.com or PM, I`ll send You the one when I`ll be back in my office.
  10. Kymar


    The book being sold by Global Investor appears to be the 1997 1st Edition, which, as I recall, was updated in 2000 specifically to take into account new aspects of TS 2000i and some improvements in standard computer platforms. The version I got was this one:


    Looks like it may be on the way out - and I have no idea whether a new, new edition is in the works. The Y2k edition is more up to date than ASK MR. EL, but both remain helpful, even if you're using the post-Omega TS. I'm confident that the 1997 edition will still be helpful if for some reason you can't get the Y2K edition.

    Please also note that USING EL 2000 may not seem like a "real" book to you: It's a printed-on-the-ultra-cheap manual. I've run into folks who complain about stuff like that.

    I'm guessing that someone somewhere must be working on the next big EL book written to take the new TS into account, possibly waiting to see how things shake out and whether TS7 involves any additional changes to EL beyond those in TS6.

    Anyway, you're welcome - and best luck.
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