Turtle Beach

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  1. vanzandt


    (HEAR) $16.36
    70% of the float is short lol.
    They report tonight.
    I don't see how it can't go up but who knows, the options aren't pricing too big a move so there's that.
    It was $33 back in August.... but it was $2 a year ago.
    Split the difference I guess and roll the dice.
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  2. WonderBoy


    Down 11% after hours
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  3. smiles


    Awful timing to declare an acquisition and improper accounting methods that require a downward revision.
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  4. %%
    Amazing UpTrend , caught part of it;but that was when WSJ kept on, kept on noting it in volume + % gainers. Sorry its down YTD down , down below 200dma+ pays NO dividend.......................................:D:D
  5. WonderBoy


    Getting hit hard again today...time to take a bite????