Turns Your Phone Into a Desktop Computer

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  2. Ubuntu ftw!
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    Seamless migration to other phones can be achieved by having your files/docs in the cloud and/or apps on USB. If Google has it's way, all web, email, office docs etc. will be done in the browser, in the cloud. Who will need a bulky desktop computer in the future?

    The hardware for this kind of thing is rapidly improving. I was playing around with one of these last year:


    EoY 2012 should yield a number of devices with this kind of capability but it will still be a while before they are real alternatives to having a desktop PC.

    Dock? Ideally wireless/Bluetooth i.e. no wires. Bluetooth mouse and keyboard - a reality today.

    What would be really nice is some sort of wireless HDMI e.g. the WirelessHD specification so that you don't even need the cable connecting to the monitor. You just throw gesture the display on the phone over to the monitor.

    These things are coming. Give it a couple more years for prime time.
  4. Back to the mainframes!

    There was a good article about amazon cloud services,.and how performance degraded badly as more users joined over the years.

  5. Pretty cool...thanks for sharing
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    What happened to the "personal" in personal computer?

    With "cloud" computing it no longer is "personal" computing.

    What was the aim of "personal" computing?
    What is the aim of "cloud" computing?
    Why are these firms offering "free" access to their "cloud"?
    Why is Facebook so valuable?

    If it is "free" then you are being suckered into something.
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    I have noticed that most is written program for Tablets is Android.

    Would it not be better to have windows for a complete synch?
    Just wanted to know from those who are a bit tech savvy.

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    I just want to point out the Motorola on e.g. the Droid 4 ships what they call the WebTop. It's surprisingly good for coming off a phone via e.g. HDMI.

    Definitely a possibility to avoid carrying a laptop in certain cases. Maybe get a small BT keyboard and use a LCD TV.
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    Any Android Phones output to a desktop monitor?
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