Turns Out We Won't Need Mexican Workers

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. Ricter


    Not long ago the argument was that US citizens would do these jobs, if not for cheap foreign labor. Guess that's out, too.
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  2. pspr


    Companies could raise prices and pay reasonable wages. But, instead we'll get some robots to do the job now.

    Do you have anything relevant to say other than that old, old, heard a million times comment, dumbass?
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  3. If "produce picking robots" were in the cards somewhere, we'd eventually get around to using them.

    But what is to be done about/with workers displaced by technology... not only in farm picking, but other areas of labor?

    Yet another example of "too many people on the planet... not enough jobs, and especially well-paying ones, for all".
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  4. pspr


    You may recall an article I posted a couple months ago that said robots will replace the majority of workers by 2040 or so. And, within 10 years after that, computers will be as smart as we are.

    It indicated that we need to start thinking about a different structure to society since corporations will be needing fewer and fewer employees.

    But, if the machines are doing the work, who is going to be fixing and running the machines? Other machines?

    I wonder if the machines will even need us or want us around.
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  5. Ricter


    You're still steamed I see. : )
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  6. pspr


    Why would I be steamed? I think you must be steamed.

    At any rate, steamed or fried, we know you aren't too bright, Rectum, from you posts.

    Try and say stuff for a change that's relevant to the topic and not just a complete misrepresentation.

    BTW, do you still use stuff like hand sickles and horse drawn plows on your farm or are you going to get mechanized so you can compete?
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  7. Ricter


    Because you're actually angry about your life.
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  8. pspr


    LOL no, I'm not.

    Are you afraid you are about to be cut out of the business by your wife's family?
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  9. Ricter


    Yes, you are.
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  10. pspr


    So, now you claim to be psychic? That figures.

    You can't get anything right from thinking like a normal person so why not ask for help from the spirits?

    Do you have anything other to say other than your childish comments?
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