Turns out Joe the Plumber was on Welfare TWICE

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    Joe the Unvetted Plumber:

    not a plumber
    not an apprentice
    not a voter
    tax cheat
    welfare King
    tried to vote illegally
    busted for speeding
    dissed McCain by not showing up at a rally
    disagrees publicly with McCain on policy
    failed at CW career
    wants to write a book
    setting up redneck websites

    Did I miss any?

    If this is the best McCain could do, he deserved to lose.

  2. My question is, why did Fox News wait after the election to report all the juicy bits of Palin and Joe the Welfare King? Is it so important for the Republicans to win that they were willing to hide the truth from the public for that?
  3. The scary thing about ALL republicans here is that no matter the erratic crap that either Bush or McCain have done they will never admit that the "other guy" was better.
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    Depends on your views. If you think Bigger govt. and tax and spend policies are ok, than your guy is better(and noticed I emphasized your guy)

    Just because he has won, does not mean I have to support him.
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    I can "guarantee" you that a very large # of Hussein supporters and voters have never worked a day in their life!
    And have been milking the welfare system for years!
    Something you and I pay taxes for.
  6. OK

    I think you're full of shit ... but feel free to show us your statistics.
  7. Is this reliable? LOL

    If so who the F would want to become involved in national politics with that background!

    Or is really he too stupid or unsophisticated to figure how he might be "investigated" if he allowed himself to enter the fray?!
  8. This is what FUCKING infuriates me among GOP supporters, these assholes REALLY think they work harder/ make more money than their democrat counterparts. WRONG WRONG WRONG

    Barack Obama carried more than 50 % of the +200k income crowd, read it and shove it up your ass.
    Typical Republiclowns are Joe the plumbers, 40k income white guys who THINK they're rich or smart, they're neither
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