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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Beer Man, Aug 15, 2002.

  1. Beer Man

    Beer Man

    Ive been at this racket for 2 years and finally have started making good dough every day. It was not long ago when I was almost out of money and the wife was pressuring me to do somthing else, but I hung in there. I pray I can keep it coming and encourage anyone else in a similar position to work harder and get better to make it work because it will.
  2. Yep, I agree. Kind of like when you were hitting puberty, and each day you'd look at the 'ol sack and see if anything new was growing there. :D

    Anyone gives you sh!t about trading, just mention that. They'll leave you alone.
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    I feel for you. what actually made it work? wanna share your thoughts?
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    Keep it up bro!
  5. Congratulations,

    Just keep a cool head and keep grinding... no greed.. no fear..

    Be a machine.. :D

    I too would like to hear what seemed to turn the tide. I feel almost everyday that I am about to get "it". But so far.. no "it".
  6. Beer Man

    Beer Man

    I wish I could articulate how it happened for you guys....but more than anything I remember people saying it takes two years to pay your dues.

    It is work waiting for opportunities.

    Take what the market gives you.

    When emotions take over you will damage your account.

    Work 7 days a week.

    dont give up, work harder,,,when I was a youth I gave up on many endeavors and this was my chance to not give up on somthing that I enjoyed doing but was doing poorly.
  7. you've got to have the occasional big winning trade. That has psychological as well as monetary effects. One big winner can make the difference between survival and being a washout.
  8. Way to go Beer Man!

    It seems like the junior year in about everything is where it all starts to come together. School, sports, business...

    Congratulations, I am very happy for you. Stay humble.