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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by mishwar, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. mishwar


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  2. You wouldn't like how I trade then, I dont use stop losses and I take small gains haha
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  3. It's called discretionary trading, no?
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  4. No, its all mechanical.
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  5. mishwar


    ican easily guess what your returns are like and what you aspire to be ! Warren buffet is safe from you .. but me ?


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  6. emini500


    99.9% of the time you can trade 100 lots no problem. 95% of the time 250 can go in without a problem and on some days 500-1000 lots can be done.
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  7. mishwar


    can you please tell me what kind of commission i can expect if i can put down say the required margin ?

    and what do i calculate as tax and exch fees if im scalping intraday?

    i will be revealing my plans to all after some sessions. there is a method behind the madness !

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  8. mishwar


    Results :

    Attaching a JPG file with results of my trading without commissions and charges.

    Please go thro and give me comments/suggestions. Hoping things get better.

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  9. Ummm..comm rates have nothing to do with margin reqs. They are volume dependant.

    Mishwar, I wish you the best of luck in your trading. But I can guarantee you one thing. Your gonna go back and read these posts in a few years and its gonna make you sick to your stomach. That is if you can last that long...
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  10. mishwar


    i have no idea how anyone can foster such immense negativity in their constitution and still be alive !

    i assure u i wll feel sick thats because i will have better infrastructure and be much more profitable ...
    :) wake up and smell the coffee

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