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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by mishwar, Mar 22, 2006.

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    Sorry I couldn't resist. You can have your thread back now.
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  2. mishwar


    the only thing im not clear bout is my data .. the rest of the ideas go back and check .. honest

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  3. mishwar


    now short 300 contracts and the index is crashing .. another potential great day but as they say will count chicken only when they hatch (if)
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  4. mishwar


    its v easy to drift away from keeping an eye on indicators (is required in my system) .. instead focus moves on the prices/index value ..

    shd be careful
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  5. lol :D
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  6. mishwar


    took a fun trade the last few mins ..
    not a good idea .. shd avoid such distractions .. having $ 15000 which i made (w/o commish etc) is not a reason to fell lethargic and loose ...
    many serious traders do things just because there is nothing to do ...
    stay away if the trade is not as per ur plan and (mechanical )system

    for all trade details pl see this thread ..


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  7. mishwar


    An apology...
    i may not be able to trade ES tomorrow.
    But will post my results and a detailed analysis of the possibilities for Friday trading..

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  8. mishwar


    a small clarification.. i may not be able to trade at all tomorrow.

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  9. mishwar


    Do you or anyone you know trade 100 lots at a time ? would like to knw the commish and the liquidity aspects

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  10. I have a system that I made 5 years ago, that returns 195% every month using the Cash Index data.

    The result is tested under 20 years data of 5min. bar for the S&P Cash. No losing month... 78% of the days are winners. All orders are stop orders and entry signals are processed on the previous bar eliminating magical time alternating fills... Also, a Sharpe of 2.72...

    Still I won't trade it.

    Why? The volatility of Cash SP vs Real Trades.

    Lesson: Never base your trading systems or hypothetical trading results with Cash Index. It will never resemble real results.

    If anyone thinks that my claim is irrelevant, then I'll sell you the system for some reasonable cash.
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