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  1. mishwar


    loss of $ 10000 to profit of 40700 (without commissions).

    Will now explain my strategy 90%. Some things cant be revealed.

    will do increasingly serious trades. Students are welcome to ask questions. Im a real money trader from 11 years.

    1) I follow safe waves.. (if you read my posts, you will see which ones are my favorites.)
    2) the entry can be refined but I am unable to get access to live software and ES rates. I refresh on finance on yahoo and managing.

    4) patterns are very important to me
    5) price levels more or less secondary in my system. if i have access i use, but in my system they are optional
    6) main main and v v v vital thing is cut out losers (will do it more regularly, early on indulged in some fun)
    7) riding winners
    8) adding to winners when possible

    pt .. 3 cant be revealed.

    trades live in the following link


  2. mishwar


    just an addition ..
    the single most important factor is the trader's own psychological make up.
    cutting losses absolute must .. and keeping smart stop losses and allowing winners to run.

  3. quit polluting elite with all of these new threads. just stick with one thread while you play your childish games. or better yet just keep silent and learn the game.
  4. mishwar


    Dear Sir,

    All the points that I listed above are directly from my trading experience. Any particular point that you dont agree with ?

    Appreciate a response from you.

  5. Uh thanks.... for wasting our time.

    Why is this not in your own journal or something, we don't need this trash here.

    C'mon, use common sense.
  6. mishwar


    this is in a public journal .. i have something to show and teach students which is what i do back home .. half a world away from you..

    thanks Sir
  7. mishwar


    watch my trades in the link i have given ..

    v successful system and trades..
    im sure many are interested in learning and doing something bout their trading

    better trading .. best trading .. is the aim optimized trades..

  8. maybe if you start one more thread about the same thing you will become relevant.....

    Oh, and your so good you cant afford realtime quotes. Geez...
  9. mishwar


    ok will stick to these two .. but aim is to teach...

  10. mishwar


    those who want to see a direct example of holding positions with trailing stops .. trailing stops are v v v imp .. you shoud have the pockets to take that small drawdown...

    mishwar ..
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