Turning point forecasted by our model

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  1. When enough people will be accustomed to the charts, I will talk about trading plans because Trading System focus is different from prediction focus. For example, in trading you focus on risk control not on being right on a prediction. The consequence will be we will not try to catch the theoritical bottom but wait for a sure setup to develop. How exactly I will show you.
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  2. By experience some traders knows that the break of the first trading range of the market is very important for the market direction.

    Well this is confirmed by my model and you can get the "fundamental" value. Everyday you will often (not always) see a BRK on first projection on hourly chart (scale 1). Don't expect the market to continue its trend until this zone is broken. For example today it was at 8644: it approach at 8638.


    or see archive after tomorrow


    (In fact could even get the 8638 value by refining on future chart http://perso.wanadoo.fr/harrytrader/dji/161202/cours_Plan_FUT1h.swf

    and using what I called Feynman-like effect rule but I prefer not to complicate the explanation :) )
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