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  1. Date: Fri Dec 6, 2002 8:16 am
    Subject: Understanding globex

    Before the main subject, just mention you we have reached turning
    point on weekly scale 0 (0 mean from calculation made LAST friday not
    from current week) for both Dow (see 8635 which is the DUAL of MAX
    PROJECTION and its support at 8584
    w.swf) and cac (see 3151 base of bearish cross pattern
    w.swf) .

    Now the main subject of this mail is "Understanding globex"

    On interpretation guide
    ) we said about globex:

    "Future contract act as the spot during globex session.

    Spot and Future are quoted together during RTH (Regular Trading
    Hours). There is usually a price difference called spread between
    spot and future contract du to interest rate. But Future can also be
    quoted alone without spot during Globex Session. We observe,
    comparing prices with our model levels that, during post-market
    globex session, it behaves as it was the spot without adding any

    Yesterday was a good illustration see illustration below:

    The day before yesterday, Dow closed juts above the bearish cross
    pattern of scale 1 and made a recovery from this turning point
    following projection path up to the max projection of 8829 in theory
    in practice it made a high of 8828 on GLOBEX MORNING (so within one
    point from the projected value). Since it has done it already this
    part of cycle has been consumed and during RTH (Regular Trading
    Hours) it didn't do it again and we saw a continuous slide down along
    the projected down path. This slide was truncated at 8611 theorically
    by the min projection on scale 2 (daily scale see
    OT1d.swf) ; in real it made a low at 8608 (3 point error).

  2. forgot to mention it is a copy of this morning newsletter not a special post for here.
  3. I see that you are a physicist, just like myself, but most people here would probably want something more simplistic. In other words, should I go short or long and at what price.

    Can you make it so simple? After all physics is the most successful science when it comes to making predictions.
  4. maxpi


    I don't understand much of the theory but I do remember the concept of duals from electrical engineering.

    Some of the links come up in French, I have a French last name but I actually speak only English and Spanish. I guess the website is under construction. I bookmarked it for sure, looks very interesting to a "math fan" like myself.


  5. i thought i was into some estoreric material ! geez--- talk about obfuscated and umbrageous trading models. i wish you well, harry, in your journey.


  6. Sorry Willy,

    There was bad links when cut and paste:

    see http://perso.wanadoo.fr/harrytrader/market/dji/today/cours_Plan_SPOT01w.swf

    watch carefully also at the blue point just before the beraish crossing @ 8484 (bottom labels are for blue line called base line because this line is the launchpad for the dual green counterpart on the green projection line. Blue line has very much to do with consolidation phase, and when the market passed the cross of the two consolidation becomes correction :) ).

    Cac40 on french market has in fact already reached the cross-pattern so it was in advance of Dow !

  7. Yah isn't it funny :) but above all it predicts very well today (as almost every day in fact) bottom was near the 8484 blue point just before the cross of the two lines on weekly chart calculated at last friday close (so 5 days in the past - this chart is particularly to look at the end of the week as we are today) :


    (bottom coordinates are for blue points and top for green points for explanation see the previous message to willy).

    Dow made a low of 8501 but FUTURE made a low of 8486 so 2 points from the theorical value !

    As for the intraday top it was the max point of 8677.17 near the real top of 8679 (see last label at bottom).


    >i thought i was into some estoreric material ! geez--- talk about obfuscated and umbrageous trading models. i wish you well, harry, in your journey.
  8. There is something even more astonishing I called Feyman-like effect especially the one that occurs on last Monday it's really incredible you won't believe it as It's hard for me to believe it myself if I have not experienced this thing every day :)

    If you read the interpretation guide thourougly (
    http://perso.wanadoo.fr/harrytrader/_sgt/m1m2s3_1.htm )I rapidly
    mentionned this curious effect. It has a very practical utility since
    it can help to anticipate truncation and get the super top or the
    super bottom sometimes with an ASTONISHING ACCURACY: See example
    illustration below on 021202:

    Yesterday Dow made a low at 8653 it was near the feynman level of

    Also yesterday on cac made of low of 3170.3 near the 3167.85 feyman
    level (see

    The most spectacular was:


    Feyman-like effect also applies on microscopic scale "that's why" you have a higher low instead of a higher high on yesterday's globex after the super top:

  9. OK, I have never met Feynman, but he was a cool guy. I will check out your page more carefully when I get more time.

    Keep it up.

  10. i am enjoying your posts. keep em coming, i have a question. do you trade your signals or is it more an intellectual exercise ??


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