turning a computer into a server

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by mama vivian, Feb 15, 2006.

  1. i know that im showing my ignorance but I want to ask what would be the advantage of turning one of my computers into a server. what are some of the things that would be beneficial if i did that. i just dont quite understand the server idea and purpose.
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  3. hey mr savant. i see some of your posts about changing your trading style a bit. good luck with that.
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    Well, what do you expect a server could do for you? Or do you just what to know what a server is?

  5. If you have a server you can print a document off a different computer networked to the server and not have a printer (physically) connected to the client machine. Also you can serve web pages yourself if you so incline. Having a server in a configuration whereby you use only one machine and not a network is not useful in my opinion.
  6. You can have a print server in your home network...I use my old windows 98 machine for that...

  7. If you don't know why you would need a server then you don't need one. Seriously.
  8. Well, I think the person's asking to be informed as to the general uses and benefits of a client/server configuration in a home network. Maybe even looking for specific comments, as applied to a trader's computing environment.

    Here's a place to start your info gathering mama: