Turning 6K into 1MM+?

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  1. Is it possible for a trader just starting out to turn a small account into seven figures in the futures game? Virtually impossible, IMO.

    However, for a trader who's spent years at the game, someone who while starting out failed again and again, until finally he succeeded beyond his wildest dreams, only to give it all back due to hubris and carelessness, now having to start over again from scratch, making little monetary progress but slowly, surely pruning away all those prior bad habits that in the past inevitably dragged him 5 steps back for every forward step -- could this trader accomplish such a task?

    Who knows? The point I'm trying to make? When one finally comes to terms with who he is as a trader, his faults, his strengths, the dizzying yet fleeting taste of first success, the ultimate low of going right back to where you started after that success, and learning once and for all the virtues of patience, prudence, and humility -- then and only then can one even hope to achieve so lofty a target without getting derailed half-way by the ills borne out of the very same success he seeks. But when that point of self-realization is reached (when is the real question, instead of how much from how much), the decimal place in your account should vanish, numbers will really cease to matter, only the continuity of applying oneself time and again, day after day.

    A person capable of achieving this goal does not ask if it can be done; he already knows it can be done, he already knows how.

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  4. Hey, I'm going to do it. You'll never know until you try. It won't be easy -- but it doesn't have to be extraordinarily hard, either. My goal is 100k within one year of active full-time trading. If I can do that, then the 1m won't be too far away.

    If I can't do it, then I'll just .... wash cars for a living and get a part-time job at Burger World (like Kevin Spacey did) until I save up enough money to try it again. :cool:

  5. the futures trader , system writer , etc

    once turned 10 K into 1 MM ... I think he had it up to 1.5 - 2 MM
    but had a late drawdown in the contest ...
  6. American Beauty was great. Was there a moral to the story? The only thing I got out of it was "Smoke some pot, cause you might get shot."
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    but anyways great post- know yourself, have a game plan and BE 100% disciplined and you CAN succeed :)
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  9. The best scene in the movie is when Kevin is lifting weights and his wife comes in and catches him smoking pot. "Do you think you're setting a good example for our daughter?"

    What I liked most about that movie was how it appealed to the more gentle aspect of living -- the things we all suffer through and the things that allow us all to share a common bond.

    The United States is among the minority that treat cannabis as an illegal drug -- sure, many European countries do as well, but you're not going to get nearly as hassled as you would in the states.

    However, cigerettes, which are far worse for your health, remain legal -- go figure!

  10. What ruined American Beauty was that one line where Spacey spells out the entire point of the film for all the dumbasses in the audience:

    "<something to the effect of on the outside we seem like we're normal>, when we're anything but."

    No shit sherlock.
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