Turning $5K into $250 by year end (continued)

Discussion in 'Journals' started by allenhobbs, May 24, 2008.

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  1. Do you dare me?:p
  2. You can't do it. It's never been done. You're just another ET loser. You're a pie-in-the-sky whiner who sends weekly wires to his broker. You'll blow out your account in a week and go back to flipping burgers. Bwahahahhahahah!!! (end of sarcasm)

    Yes, I dare you. Sounds like you have the burn, and that can't be bought or taught. Let's see if you've got the stuff. Go for it! See you there.
  3. Sure, I could blow out the account, but I've never been paid to flip burgers. I usually do that for free at family barbeque outings.
  4. Hogwash... it's been done over and OVER again.

    "Turn 5K into $250"?... piece of cake.
  5. sure it has been done but not by this guy although I do wish him luck
  6. Oh MAN.... it sure takes the zip out of a joke when one has to explain it...

    The original post stated another way...

    "Turning 5 thousand dollars into 250 DOLLARS"...

    NOT... "Turning 5 thousand dollars into 250 THOUSAND dollars"...

    So... If you didn't get this 1st time around, let me suggest you tack this little Yogi Berra gem to your monitor... "You can observe a lot just by watching." :D
  7. ah,

    "Turning $5K into $250 by year end"

    Of course I dare you and I am absolutely certain that you can do it.

    But why would you want to turn 5 thousand dollars into 250 dollars.

    Why not just gift 4750 dollars to charity.

  8. Actually, its not so simple ( commish and slippage aside)
  9. Gargantuo


    Wow, do you look like an idiot or what :p
  10. Of course the subject line had a typo--it is $250K.

    The account in the original journal is still being traded and has a balance of approximately $27,000 (+440%). I can either start a new account with $5,000 or just continue with the original one. Obviously, if I start a new account, the goal will not be achievable by the end of 2008 since it takes 43 weeks without any hiccups to reach $250K.

    Happy Memorial Day
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