Turning $58 into $5,800,000

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    This is real. Call me crazy, but I have a crazy system. It's quantitative in nature and returns 24% a year. However I am going to leverage myself up with options and return 400-600% a year. DD will be extremely high. I don't care. My risk is $58 + transaction costs.

    Are you ready to see $58 turn into 5.8 million dollars in 2-4 years?!

    The first trade of MANY

    Trade 1
    Dec 3 2009
    Long Two 115 spy calls contracts at 0.29

    I'm planning to set my limit order at $1.00. It should get hit in 6-9 trading days. I have a stop at 3 cents.
  2. Get Rich Quick scams are one thing. This is downright stupid. I wonder how low ET can fall, attracting idiots from all walks of life. I wouldn't exactly call this place inspiring but at least it was considered educational at one time. Now it caters more to those who aspire to become stand-up comedians than traders.
  3. Yes, 3 cents is a reasonable stop. That will leave you with $6 for candy.
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    I am waiting for traderzones to chime in and ask the OP for his system's sharpe ratio, sortino, max DD and a track record for 12 years (audited by the SEC and KPMG).
  5. I'm short this.
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    Better to spend $58 on lottery tickets.

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    Sorry but the sad fact is you'd have a better chance of making millions doing trading than you would if you spent 1 million on lottery tickets.

    At least in Trading you can have some form of say in how to better your chances in making money.
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    I am sure that is true but with one trade if the op is stopped out he only has $6 left . I dont know the odds of the lottery just guessing its pretty close to he same as turning $58 into5800000.

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    Every couple of weeks someone in the US wins the powerball or megamillions.

    Although the odds are horrible, I doubt they are worse than taking $58 into $5.8mm
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    OK with powerball or megamillions atleast someone wins every couple of weeks. How many people have tried to multiply trading accounts by 1000x it doesnt happen every couple of weeks.

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