Turning $27K into $1,000,000 in only 9 months...

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Do you think I'm full of it?

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  1. I've elected to start this journal retroactive to 3/27/09. Prior to 3/27/09, I was extremely inconsistent, undisciplined, and unprofitable. I'm hoping this journal will help change that going forward.

    I will try to update this thread at the close of every trading day.

    I encourage haters, non-believers, and anyone who's jealous of my success to respond and participate in this thread. I plan on turning their negativity into positive energy and motivation towards making my million bucks. :p
  2. 3/27/09 - 4/3/09

  3. cant you do it in silence. dont we have enough of these dreamers threads going right now?
  4. bgp


    i use to play pretend when i was a little boy.:) :)

  5. +1 :)
  6. I've tried doing it in silence. It just doesn't work. I'll make $30K to $50K over the course of a week or two, only to gamble it all away in a single day. This is always the result of not sticking to my edge and not being disciplined at all.

    I look forward to updating this thread every day and seeing more and more haters responding. I'm hoping this will help to keep me well disciplined and motivate me to be consistently profitable without flushing all of my profits down the toilet in one or two trades.
  7. You seriously need to see a psychologist. :eek:
  8. You've gotten my attention.

    What happened on 3/27/09? You met some guru and you were taught a trick to trade and be very consistent? Or you just suddenly figured something out?
  9. These threads are stupid, anyone can create an Excel spreadsheet showing massive profits.
  10. Don't feed trolls.
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