Turning 2.5k into 100k

Discussion in 'Journals' started by bretddog, Sep 24, 2008.

  1. bretddog


    Just funded my account with fresh 2000$, bringing it to 2505$. Goal is to magically transform this to 100k. This shall be achieved in 1 year.

    My trading will mainly focus on trend evaluation and support/resistance. I will trade the YM, at least until I find advantages with other markets.

    Looking for 0 to 5 trades per day and always flat when markets close.

    Btw, I just quit my job to do this full time, so now it's time to turn profitable.

    Results will speak the truth.

  2. Bro, hoping the best for you...but my 2 cent advise, you should have not quit your job...too much stress in making your account grow and at the same time taking money to pay bills...
  3. wave


    Same feeling, depending on your timezone and your expenses, get a gig that covers monthly living costs.
    Been there, done that.

    Experience is a BITCH, it only teaches you after the fact.

    All the best.
  4. piece of cake.

    i do that every week or so you have plenty of time to make it happen....
  5. fresh $2000 meaning u lost what you had in there previously? Probably better to quit your job after turning profitable don't u think?
  6. bretddog


    Thanks for the inspiration folks! :) hehe, I expected it more harsh..

    One thing though, I've earned sufficient funds not to rely on any income for this coming year. So this shall not be a stress factor.

    Sure, I'm not hiding the fact that I haven't been profitable, but I have a really good feeling that things are falling into place. And a bottom only shapes in the form of a drawdown. :D

    joking aside, I made the choice. Reality will reveal itself quite clearly..
  7. Neoxx


    I admire your ambition and determination, but have to agree with the other posters.

    Surely the hurdle of consistent profitability should be passed before the move to full-time daytrading, else a promising venture turns into a gamble. Many here are testament to the fact that trading success and a full-time job are not mutually exclusive.

    Anyway, best of luck, and I wish you success.
  8. bretddog


    Since I started Monday, I post updates for first two days:

    Monday 22.Sep.
    6 trades, 3 breakeven, 2 loosers, 1 winner
    Net 57$.

    Tuesday 23.Sep
    4 trades, 2 loosers, 2 winners
    Net 256$
    Signals identified: 5
    Signals taken: 1
    Other: 4

    Mental: second guessed market action.
  9. lwmoss


    Right there with you man! :) In my case, my husband and I own a small business (and yes, things kind of suck right now in this market) but I have started to concentrate almost exclusively on the trading. I'm looking to turn it in to a second income as well.

    Glad you're hear and just wanted to add another friendly voice. Best of luck to you.
  10. how many YM contracts per trade?
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