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  1. I figured that with all the people trying to turn small amounts of money in to a starting grub stake, that I would do just the opposite and try to pick only losers. I will post my realtime statements so that you can all follow along and hopefully come along for the ride as well. Please be prepared to only lose as much capital as you can afford. In other words don't ask your wives permission to take out credit card loans. It should be money you can afford to lose such as your kids educational trust fund or vacation savings. I think its going to be a terrific learning experience and hopefully we can even beat the 4 week goal and lose it all in less time. Lets just stick to straight equities on this one. Mainly, I will not honor stops, and I will double up my size when a position is going against me. Wish me good luck guys and I really do hope that most of you will follow along with your own accounts!

    P.S. For those hardcore serious ETers who can't recognize sarcasm this is meant as a joke and jab against the idiots who would even think they can take their tiny piece of crap accounts up 10 -20 fold in less than 6 weeks. The fact they these pinheads even persist to do it shows how undercapitalized and inexperienced they are in the first place.
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    I am not so sure that you can do it in 4 weeks
  3. If he was short TASR recent;ly he could have ;)
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    I thought it to be a great idea; even if you were being sarcastic....It is a great way to master your emotions....to think you are trying to be greedy and/or show fear when you shouldnt....and hopefully you do lose the money and overcome the fact that you would have lost it anyways.......peace