Turning 10k to 2 million in 1 year - yes, it can be done, proof here

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  1. Dan was born in 1953 and had a job working construction when he made these trades. He had blown his accounts many times before getting it right. He invested into the fund all he had left at the time which was 10 grand. This is a page out of the storybook.

  2. [​IMG]
  3. Did he sell, or is he still hanging in there for the long term?
    If so, what is the value today?
  4. Dan operates a hedge fund and posts his trades on his pay website. In one interview in 2006, he said that he had over 42 million. He continues to actively trade.
  5. I was trying to reverse engineer his trades through the above audit. I dont know if he traded Amazon, but Amazon was pretty much a good proxy for all the other internet stocks of that time.

    You can see where he was up at one point and then down at other points.

    He doesnt typically daytrade, but hold stocks for a few days to several weeks.
  6. Mecro


    You are not a smart person.

    Look, he chases momo stocks with heavy leverage. It's obvious. He posts his trades so that sheeple like you chase the stocks as well and add to his gains.

    It's a long equity high leverage strategy. Not that complicated. Works great in bull & bubble markets, which is when he made his bulk.

    Get off his nuts, it's not going to help you at all. Just help you lose money following his picks.
  7. No thanks, not my style. I like to sleep without thinking my money might be less in the morning. I will stick to intraday. By the way, that page you posted is not proof of any trading. That is a summary page anyone could type in Microsoft Word. Posting his broker's statements would be more convincing, albeit not conclusive.
  8. One word says it all: blowup.

    He's not an investor he's a gambler, and gamblers ALWAYS end up losing.
    A real investor should never blowup his account.
    Have significant drawdowns? Yes, it happens.
    But blowing up? Never.

  9. This is 2008, son, not 1999.
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