Turning 10k into 50k in one year possible? if s how would you do it?

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  1. What is your instrument of choice? ETF? ES?

    how would you do it?
  2. If you are a profitable trader that trades the ES......

    Then you only really need a $5,000 account.

    Trade 2 contracts. Average 2 points / day. Thats $1,000 / week.

    Easier said than done OBVIOUSLY.

    But if you are consistantly profitable, this is easily obtainable with a $5k account.
  3. at 100-1 leverage, scale in short GBP upto 1mm over the next few days.

    turn of the computer with a take profit order at 4cents 40k+

  4. teach me the ABC's of ES oh weisman! teach me!

    i want 1k/wk! and at 5k?! i could die.
  5. hahaha, ooh sure thing
  6. no, seriously, how do i do it?
  7. leverage and hope to get lucky then leverage the 5k you get to 50k, then to 100k. When you reach 500k, you can trade like a pro with controlled 20% a year with almost no chance of blowup
  8. deep otm options

    its only 10k..may as well gamble for real
  9. Spot FX straddle.

    Use a retail 1:700 leverage account :eek:

    See you in Aruba....

  10. 50,000 = 10,000 ( 1 + x)^52 or 50,000 = 10,000 (1+y)^250

    Notice the x or y?

    You start thread after thread with requests for help.

    Is everything you think about that incomprehensible?

    Why start threads in the first place?

    You are never going to be a successful trader. No one in the financial industry would find it purposeful to spend any time with you in any way. You sound just like traderzones or all the other ignorant people on ET who cannot read and understand anything.
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