Turned bullish on the Economy

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by EMRGLOBAL, Dec 2, 2008.

  1. Had to, regardless of all the dooms day situation's. This recession is 12 months in, could go 36 but nevertheless, things look more like 1980's than the "1929" on the over all economic news. The market sold of 60% plus in 29, so far, 50% but IMHO, lows have been put in, will be tested again, I'm sure, so just running out and buying stocks doesn't make sense.

    I more bullish on Oil (80/90 target) and other, steel, wheat etc. than Equities.

    The damage done to wallstreet's image will last a decade if not longer, IMHO, that will force the market to trend sidways.

    Dollar looks to remain strong.

    The rebound will start in certain states,and some states will be in the recession a lot longer than others. But overall, South West Region is looking strong and could take off in a Full Bull market in the middle of 09, as people, industry etc move into the area. Increasing their homevalues, commerical RE, and Job Markets.