Turned $67000 loss into many $$$$$ profits

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mishwar, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. mishwar


    OK. For those who missed it all here is the summary.
    Yesterday i did paper trading for S & P 500 index (not futures, mind you) trading upto 400 lots .. ended up with 0.5 pts loss ..

    I am yet to calculate exact loss but then i had a lot of naysayers and people pulling me down etc ..
    through intense pressure on performance :)P) i rose from the half-dead...

    see the threads for more details



    now several dollars up.. will calculate and post again ..
    im a scalper with 0.004 commission .. so ...

    Im desparately looking for supporters now .. hopefully there will be some now

    mishwar :cool:
  2. Just curious. Paper trading 400 lots? Why not 4 or 40 or 4,000? Why specifically 400? Enquiring minds want to know.
  3. No offense meant here. But why the F would anyone care about some paper trade swinging a virtual 400 lot for ticks? :confused:
  4. Just go along with the little fella, we may have lost rubberbird, but who cares now we have Mishwar!!!! Check out the thread link he posted, he is a legend in the making.
  5. If you did not trade futures, what did you use to trade the S&P 500? SPYs, options on SPX? XSP?
  6. ridiculous post
  7. novel20


    Why not paper trading 888 contracts?

    Actually, why even both paper trading such a huge number of contracts?
  8. How does anyone charge $0.004 on a made-up security?
  9. I think there may be a hidden meaning in trading three 8's.
    Truely a revoulutionary technique. Bravo, bravo I say.
  10. jem


    I was trading the - hp laser printer/ laser ink spread - and I was up 20 ticks on 2000 contracts.
    #10     Mar 22, 2006