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Discussion in 'Politics' started by AAAintheBeltway, Apr 17, 2002.

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  1. I've been preoccupied with moving for the past couple of weeks. Now I'm finally settled in and my office is back together and...NO HITMAN, no worldco soap opera, no Princess???? I repeat NO PRINCESS!!! How will we be able to go forward, not knowing if our arrogant and woefully naive young trader will win the hand of his beloved or lose her to some smooth-talking waiter with an eye on a green card?

    Seriously, I understand that Barron had grown weary of Hitman's increasingly brazen breaches of the site's TOS, but what about Hitman's journal? Is that barred too or do Hitman leave in a snit? Inquiring minds want to know.
  2. I never agreed with anything Hitman said, but is sure getting boring around here. Did he leave or get kicked off?

    I don't know how I missed the end of this soap opera either.
  3. dottom


    All the threads got deleted because Hitman kept spamming them with threats of spoofing IP's and using fake login names. As he put it "I know every spam trick in the book."

    I think if Hitman was not so brazen about the whole situation an accommodation could've been reached. But Hitman kept insisting that he is the reason why so much traffic flows to ET and therefore he deserves the ability to post whatever he wants anyway he wants it. That's my interpretation anyways. Hitman has expressed this very same attitude many times in previous posts.
  4. dottom,

    That's unfortunate. Truthfully, I find Seanote's journal more useful but Hitman was interesting. I predict life will somehow go on.
  5. dottom


    AAA, yeah, it was great entertainment.

    I actually kind of hope Hitman and ET make peace. I rather enjoyed following Hitman's somtimes-twisted, often-naive logic. :)
  6. AAA- the link you provided is a dead end link which is precisely where the whole deal belongs.
  7. aura0663


    Although I found some of Hitman's stuff interesting,-- can you say
    ET was here before Hitman, and will survive without him. I'm just glad that the powers that be put an end to that type of contribution to this site
  8. Look, I just posted a link that someone, probably Hitman , put in my mailbox. It worked for me but maybe it got fouled up in pasting it. I enjoyed the guy and occasionally felt for him, but he could be extremely arrogant as well. End of story I guess.
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