Turn on CNBC, quick!!!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by William Rennick, Feb 10, 2006.

  1. Check out Lizzy today, what a classic beauty. Be careful with the wives, mine noticed that I only have CNBC on when Liz is on. Someone needs to complain to management at CNBC, they have on the new lass, Erin Brunette first, and then immediately follow up with Liz Claymen. They just don't give a fella time to reload. By the time 11 am rolls around this old Korean War Vet is standing in front of the TV doing a Fred G. Sanford with the shorts around the ankles. I just hope the wife doesn't bust in on me, talk about a nervous Trader.

    ...Rennick out
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  3. ck out the whtchicks on fnc.
    that's the only thing worth looking.
  4. OK, guess what horrifying image will be in my head from now on whenever i see that woman on TV?