Turn 100,000 to 1 million in a year!!!!!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Dream, May 11, 2008.

  1. Dream


    Is it possible to turn $100,000 capital to half a million or 1 million in a 1 to 3 years period? If you can you are the smartest person on earth :))

    I need your help since I need the money badly to get married before I am too old (before 50 years old).
  2. ATLien


    Quit whoring the forums.
  3. You are in luck, the market would be happy to assist you. It always knows your needs and always accomodates them. I suggest opening an account and trading heavy right away.

  4. APA


    yes it can be done
  5. APA


    careful for gods sake, he is new, he might not get you are sarcastic
  6. What ever do you mean? All you have to do is wish for what you need, throw all your savings into a trade, and reap the rewards.

  7. successful troll is successful.

    Dream quit wasting peoples time, and lurk the forums more before you start creating stupid threads.
  8. Dream


    I guess nobody has a strategy which can turn 100,000 to a million in a few years:(
  9. I have something better. You can have your dreams in one week.

    Go buy 100k worth of 1410 ES calls that expire this upcoming week. If the mkt goes to 1440 on two continuous big rally days, you get 6 or 7x the return. good luck.
    #10     May 11, 2008