Turks murdering Kurds in Iraq, again...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by 377OHMS, Jun 19, 2010.

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  2. you mean slaughtering Kurdish civilians is the right thing? Or helping Iran get nukes is the right thing you're talking about. Or perhaps destroying the legacy of Ataturk is what you are calling the right thing.

    Oh, I am sure their hypocritical criticism of Israel intended to divert attention from all of the above is "the right thing" you are talking about.
  3. Having read the reports of the Turkish counter terror op I can see indication on the number of civilian deaths its also worth remembering the PKK turned a blind eye to Al_Q in their area of operations for many years. As yet I have yet to see anything more than spanners, stihl saw blades and few knives on the flotilla ships and no photos of conventional weaponry. While Turkey should not have endorsed the flotilla and has shown the leading party to be a bunch of dumb humps I disagree with many of the rabid attacks on the country which is a valued member of NATO and a player in the GWOT
  4. How come you weren't talking about the so called slaughter when Turkey was allied to you a_person?
  5. It never came up and the topic hardly interested me, that's why. How come you and your self-proclaimed human rights obsessed, UN loving, international law touting ilk never spoke of that? Just like you never speak of dozens of (mostly muslim) states which record on human rights, freedom, lawfulness etc is atrocious. Too busy bashing Israel, aren't you Mohamed?