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    Hi I was wondering if anyone was familiar with the Turkish Stock Market. In particular I would like to know what brokers/software to use.

    Feel free to PM me.

  2. Are you Turkish?
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    Yes. Moved to Canada when I was 5 now I'm back for a possible 1-2 year stint here.
  4. Great. I'm Canadian and live in Canada, but I did live in Ankara for 4 months in 1999 and visited different cities. This was before I got interested in the Markets, otherwise I would have stopped by the Exchange in Istanbul.
  5. I know that opening a bank account in Turkey is hard, I had an emergency and had to get the local bankers help in order to open a bank account. If you choose to open an account to trade Turkish Stocks, you might have a hard time.
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    I have citizenship so it should not be a problem. I'm most likely going to work for a bank here. In the meantime I wanted to get a head start on things.
  7. Perfect then. Yapi Credi is my fav bank in Turkey. Maybe your going there!

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    Odd that you mention that I was just looking that their chart. I found a decent platform to trade through. IBS Realtrade doesn't have everything I want but it'll do. Do you know anyone at Yapi Credi?
  9. No, I just know its the most well run bank I've seen. As a foreigner it was never challenging for me to get cash.

    The Marketing they do is excellent in comparison to most european and north american banks, and they support good art and literature. Ilhan Berk, Can Yucel, as examples.
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    hi all
    i am from turkey ,i may have some advice on topic.
    to open an investment account in turkey u have to sign a number of agreements .u may sign it and send it to the bank. bank or the broker will need the documents for your identity and tax id number .if u live outside turkey u have some tax exemptions. i assume that bank will need document to prove that.

    yapý kredi is one of the biggest , but i advice to use an online broker. Banks are good and trustable but usually thjey dont have a decent online trading interface . u can try www.ataonline.com.tr
    http://www.ayatirim.com.tr/HesapAcma.aspx?Cat=1 (if u speak turkish)
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