Turkey taken to the woodshed!

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  2. You zionist bitches are very confident in your total control of the United States foreign policy, aren't you?

    Turkey is a NATO member and very strong ally to the United States, In addition to it bordering the northern Iraqi frontier.

    One day the US will wake up to the fact that you have been pimping them out for the past 60 years khazara boy.
  3. When your mama offered her tongue.

    On a separate note, I always knew that your zionist entity will send you like rabid dogs to attack Turkey the moment Turkey decided to do the right thing. Very fucking predictable you cheesy fucks.
  4. A Palestinian went to an Israeli doctor and told him that his eyes hurt every time he drinks tea. The doctor, knowing that the man was a Palestinian, told him to take the spoon out of the cup before drinking.
  5. We're being a bit too hard... Palestinians are really a very creative people. After all, they created their whole culture, identity, and history all in just the last few decades....
  6. I would put it more like Turkey WAS a very strong ally of the United States. Turkey's actions don't really speak those words any longer.

    Yes, they border iraq but i'm not sure what that has to do with anything other than to continue to murder the kurds.

  7. The good news is that Turkey has not been caught spying on the US so there is hope for a reset in the relationship.
  8. No, there really isn't. They support terrorist organizations.

  9. What terror groups do Turkey support?
  10. Hamas.

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