Turkey recalls ambassador over US vote

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  1. Washington suffered a setback in its attempt to strengthen relations with Turkey when Ankara recalled its US ambassador on Thursday night.

    The move came after a congressional panel backed a resolution describing the Ottoman-era massacres of 1.5m Armenians as “genocide”. Ankara has long warned that such a vote could harm US-Turkish relations and efforts to establish diplomatic ties between Turkey and Armenia.

    Washington is currently seeking to persuade Ankara to back sanctions against Iran.

    “We condemn this draft resolution, accusing the Turkish nation with a crime that it has not committed,” said the Turkish government. “This decision, which could adversely affect our co-operation on a wide common agenda with the US, also regrettably attests to a lack of strategic vision.”

    The narrow 23-22 vote in the House foreign affairs committee came after a last-minute plea by Hillary Clinton, secretary of state, who argued it would endanger a Turkish-Armenian agreement she helped broker last October.

    “I do not think it is for any other country to determine how two countries resolve matters between them,” Mrs Clinton said during a Latin American tour on Thursday. “We do not believe that any action by the Congress is appropriate and we oppose it.”

    She added that the administration did not believe the full House “will or should” vote on the resolution.

    The Armenian National Committee of America hailed the vote but said the real test was whether the full House would vote on the resolution.