Turkey moving to plan B vs. Israel

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  1. Turkey announced that Israel has until September 7 to apologize for the murder of its nationals by Israel attack forces, or the ambassador would be asked to leave the country. Israel seems to forget that their ancestors worked in the courts of Turkey, so the Turks know them inside out.

    Would this become a crisis? I would not be surprised if Israel were to reverse course, and apologize. It looks as if it is now the only way to prevent things from escalating, but one never knows if there is an end to the stupidity of zionism.
  2. The stupid muzzie terrorists can go screw themselves. There is no way Israel will apologize for shooting dead muzzie scum smuggling in boats into Israeli territory.

    Israel will blow the boats out of the water next time this happens.

    God bless USA and Israel in the war against muzzie terrorism.

    Turkey must apologize to Israel.
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    given that the rest of the world disagrees entirely with that stance, do you think it would be wise to look objectively at what happened and reconsider your stance?

    the incident in question was related to turkish people helping those less fortunate than themselves through charity. thats a pretty commendable thing to do in everyones book but yours.

    in fact, a true jew would be outraged at what happened as one of the top laws in the book is 'do not murder'

    thus any jew who supports such murder actually makes a mockery of their religion, and therefore israel as a whole.

    whats the point in having a jewish state if those people in the state donot act and behave as jews are supposed to?

    i see no difference in the behaviour of nutters like you or terrorist muslims in the middle east. both seem intent on murder.

    very sad.
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  5. Yup, I have put a complaint through. Tradingjournals is either a muzzie lover or an anti-semite.
  6. zionists hate muslims mainly due to one thing...
    muslims ban usury.

    they do not borrow or lend with interest.

    usury happens to be the strongest psych. manipulation used by zionists to reach power over goys.

    catholics are happy to be enslaved by this scheme, muslims cannot be tricked.

    the funny thing is that turkey is a member of NATO.

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  8. The report has completely vindicated Israel and put the blame on Turkey, no wonder Erdogan is throwing temper tantrums, that's what he does best. Here is what the report states:

    -The blockade is in line with international law, legal and justified
    -The blockade's implementation complies with the requirements of the international law
    -the flotilla was illegal
    -the flotilla "acted recklessly"
    -the flotilla was full of well-organized, armed and violent terrorists
    -true nature and objectives of the flotilla organizers are highly suspicious (I guess it was not about humanitarian aid after all)
    -the Israeli actions to stop the flotilla were legal and justified

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  10. Excessive and unreasonable, when it involves deaths, might lead the Turks to chase the attackers who would be running like rats from the lawsuits. The zios all over the world would have to work harder and faster to change the laws to shield theirs from the criminal lawsuits.

    In the meantime, the turks might implement "They can run, but they cannot hide."
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