Turkey is moving troops into Northern Iraq

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  1. The Turks are moving into Northern Iraq... I think we should support the Turks to kill the Kurds, if war breaks out between our Turkish NATO allies and the evil Kurdish terrorists... the only Kurds who we shouldn't kill are the Kurds who are helping our soldiers fight the evil Iraqis...

    So, in my opinion, we should bomb both the Iraqi scum and the remaining Kurdish scum... we may as well bomb some of the evil Iranians too, who are on that border, cos we are probably gonna attack em after we have taken Iraq...
  2. msfe


    the Turkish armed forces feel a moral obligation to protect their Turkoman brethren in Iraq

    The Turkomans of Iraq originally came from central Asia, in a migration that took place over several hundred years, beginning in the 7th century AD. Today, slightly more than two million Turkomans are believed to live in Iraq (mainly in the area shaded blue on the map below). They are Turkish speaking and almost all are Muslims, though there are also about 30,000 Christians.

  3. Thanks msfe... informative link... the introduction of the Turkoman peoples (who I didn't know about) into the geopolitical equation adds great significance to why the Turks wish to move in... it seems like the Turkoman people are being oppressed by both the Kurdish scum and the Iraqis...

    Quoting from your link:
    "Turkish support for an American attack on Baghdad would probably be conditional on a protected position for the Iraqi Turkomans under a post-Saddam government."
  4. Mr Scum, my peace loving side tells me that you are just a victim of circumstances, bad upbringing, bad genes, perhaps a bad fall on your head.

    The other part in me wants to strangle you just for being the type of person you are.

    As a peace gesture towards you I would like to present you with a (photo)copy of Toby Crabel's book. Where did you say you live ?

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    I don't take charity... I give charity... shall I fund you a trading account, so you can stop trading your government handouts? :cool:

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  7. Yes, or no? I feel its a moral duty to be charitable to those less fortunate than me... :eek:

  8. 2million? so ten percent of iraq's population is turkoman?

    and all this somehow just managed to escape every single credible publication i have read huh?

    but al-bab.com says it's true, so it must be right? it's obviously enough to convince the ever ready and willing msfe and candletrader..

    (that's even more ridiculous than the BS macedonian claims that there are 400k macedonians living in albania... some people just believe anything...)

  9. or maybe it's because they'd prefer to guard against any insurrections by the iraqi kurds spilling into turkey (who have between 6-12 million of their own kurds, most of whom desire independance)..
  10. The problem with Macedonia is that there are two of em... one on Greek territory and one elsewhere... it has been a sore point for the Greeks for a long while...
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