Turkey is going to let the troops in !!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by abra trader, Mar 9, 2003.

  1. nothing like a little turkish market plunge, and a new head of state, to turn things around in a hurry.

    choke on that, 556.
  2. Rats!! I wanted to save the $26 Billion!! :D

  3. Those of you who subscribe to Debka-Net-Weekly (unofficial Mossad leak site) knew that this would happen three days ago.
  4. msfe


    abra trader:`Turkey is going to let the troops in !!´

    how do you know - has the Turkish parliament convened for a second time and voted favourably on the matter ?
  5. MSFE......LOL.... I guess your Guardian/Observer/ Red Worker's Daily haven't informed you of Turkey's intentions yet.

    Those with the power in Turkey have already made their intentions very clear, US ground troops will be welcome to launch the attack from Turkish soil. Keep reading your socialist Brit rags, and I guess you'll stay uninformed...
  6. msfe


    well, at least earlier this morning it was unclear when - and if at all - the Turkish parliament would be ready to take up a new resolution on U.S. troop deployment, after lawmakers failed to approve a resolution March 1.

    Turkish media say a vote could come as early as Thursday, but members of the Justice Party said it might be two weeks before a new government is in place.