Turkey doesn't give a shit about Israel's reaction

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  1. Turkish military chief Gen. Ilker Basbug said he was "not concerned by Israel's reaction," and Turkey was not seeking any other country's consent.


    the West acted like a pussy, they fought like a pussy in Iraq and Afghanistan, they didn't nuke Iran when they could have and when they should have, they just sat there and took everything, like I had told you, this made all the other countries realize what a pussy the west is, and how easily they could attend to their own shit and ignore the west altogether or even threaten them, this is only the start in their defiance and alliance against the west, as time passes by, and specially with Obama as the official pussy president who is good at nothing other than screwing america, more and more countries are going to jump on the 'let's screw with america' bandwagon
  2. These guys go back to the Ottoman Empire and have been largely ignored. A big mistake.
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    Imo, its all about Russia. Turkey's military equipment is no where near Israel. Listen to Kissinger, Soros. They talk about what a danger Russia is. I don't see it that way, more of a stabilizer. But you put Russian equipment in enough size into these nations and gone is a quick victory. Without a quick victory you are looking at nasty fight with Israel outnumbered. Israel's and US equipment proved not enough in Georgia. Yes a poor example, Georgia is not Israel, however you can see how it would not be a 6 day war and that complicates things for a small surrounded nation.
  4. You didn't actually read the article that you posted did you?