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  1. Has anyone used Turbo Tax for this year? What were your experiences? Specifically I'm referring to the C-dilla registration thing that gets installed. The TT website has a utility that cleans out C-dilla and you don't need to register TT after Oct 15.

    Has anyone tried to use the utility to remove C-dilla? Does it work? Does C-dilla or the removal utility damage your system at all?
  2. worked fine here
  3. Did you run the Cdilla uninstaller? Any problems with that? Did it remove Cdilla? Any system stability problems after?
  4. I went with TaxCut this year for that reason. I will not have Intuit require me to use product activation, or to call them and beg permission if I need to print something in the future on a different computer configuration.

    Goodbye and good riddance, INTU.
  5. no i didnt. cant even tell its there.
  6. i think they disabled that printing restriction. i was able to do several peoples taxes and print on 2 diff computers.
  7. Its there. Its takes up about a meg of memory and does use some CPU resources.
  8. Bob111


    why you have to worry about some spyware and uninstallers and removers, if you can get TaxCut? i used turbo tax fro years but 02 is different... i'm not even mentioned other problems... BTW-all taxcut(even platinum and business) can be download from one great source of all-kazaa
    and price is always best-free..
    :D :D :D
  9. I got my "free" CD in the mail and assuming it was like previous years, I loaded it up. Big Mistake.

    After I registered, I had some "mystery" system crashes that went away after I uninstalled everything, not an easy task about 6 weeks ago before Intuit started responding to all the problems and complaints.

    I also discovered that CDilla does not uninstall when you uninstall the tax program and it messes with part of the hard drive that should not be messed with. Intuit finally posted a special uninstaller for cdilla.

    I also learned that if I have to go back sometime in the future and file an amended return (something that is common for me) and I have either upgraded my system or got a new one (something I do every 6-12 months) I'm SOL and will have to buy another license.

    I now use TaxCut and find it as good as TT.